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Plant Shop Updates!

Georgia in purple snow jacket and pink pants. Sitting on the floor indoors.

Well, it's been a while since our last update...

TLDR: We've been busy with our baby and business is changing! Valentine's is around the corner, and we've got a cool selection of items available. More information about our Business changes. Backyard chickens update.

If you are still receiving our email blog posts, thanks for sticking around! If this is the first update you’ve received from us, it’s because it’s been since Nov 2022 that we’ve created blog posts or sent anything out. You must have given us your email address at some point between then and now… Welcome!

Suburban Succulents has spent the last year moving, grooving, and overall being busy! Besides the business,  Baby G has kept us on our toes. Akin to plants, Georgia has grown leaps and bounds. It is time-consuming and so rewarding to be her Mom.

With that, lots of adaptions have taken place over the last year. Trying to juggle keeping the plant shop running, servicing my plant clients, and raising an infant while attempting to remain engaged in my personal and social life has been tough but doable. This year, we are streamlining what makes the most sense for our family. You will notice that we have limited opening times, we aren’t running the same loaded schedule of workshops each month, we are much quieter on our social platforms, are more intentional about the plants and pots that are in the shop, and I am getting the opportunity to become involved in other opportunities that excite me. This is all intentional and we are doing our best to adapt to the season of life we are in! 

Thank you all for coming along for the journey! Below in our typical style is a little of what’s going on right now. Read on to find out about our Valentine’s Day Gift specials! 

Valentine's Day is upon us...

Reading this blog means you’re getting access to our Valentine’s Day items first! See something you love? Claim it, there are limited quantities of all products.

Click on the “Valentine’s First Look” photo to have access to the Valentine’s catalog I put together. Enjoy!

Need a bulk quantity of something perhaps for work colleagues or as favors? Reach out to us to discuss your needs! 360-843-6602

Order online, via email or text message, come into the shop, or on DoorDash.

Who can we send a little something special to for you? Pick up your items from our shop or we can deliver locally.

What's Next for Suburban Succulents?

We are still here and aren’t going anywhere, just changing up the structure and nature of the business for now.

Shop Hours: We are aiming to be open at least one weekend per month. If you want to schedule a time to come in and shop, you can book an appointment with us on our Google Calendar page and see us anytime that works for us both!  We will periodically have sales on our Instagram and Facebook page stories for you to claim items, too.

Product Mix: Offer primarily seasonal specials during periodic times of the year. We are trying different things like currently our Valentine’s Day Product book. We will stop carrying a large variety of plants and bring plants into the shop based on our client’s needs/requests.

Markets/Pop-Ups: We will plan for a few markets throughout the year. Our upcoming events page will be updated monthly and as frequently as we can keep up.

Workshops: We are always booking private events for plant workshops and will continue to partner with locations in the community that are looking to have a person teach a class at their location. Reach out with ideas and dates!


The Chickens still get their moment of glory- all 21 of them are soaking up these couple of warm days we’ve experienced lately. We’re seeing bulbs pop-up all over the yard, so have begun our feeble attempts to keep the plants from the chicken’s wrath. We expect egg production to pick-up in the next couple of months… until then, we are feeding the ONE egg we get each day to Georgia- she loves eggs! G and the chickens seem to get along well, they usually steer clear of her and she’s not quite fast enough to catch them, yet. 🙂

autumn harvest bouquet picture with sunflowers

Thank you to all of our supporters- your shopping with us allows me to live out my business dreams of running my own shop. Your flexibility with me and the ever-changing shop is appreciated and I will always be thankful!

I hope you enjoyed this blog update and I can’t wait to see you this month!

Until next time, all our love.

~Adriane and the rest of us at Suburban Succulents Plant Shop

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Get ready for Holiday Plants!

Don't delay on your holiday plant orders. Our baby girl is expected soon and we want to ensure we have you taken care of.

Have a special request for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any of the holidays in between?

Please contact us right away to get to planning.

Once our baby girl arrives, our time will become much more precious and we’d hate to let you down! 

Be sure to check our google maps hours before heading over. We will update there if we are closed unexpectedly. 

Plant Shop hours for the remainder of the year: 

Friday and Saturday’s 1pm-6pm

Always accepting special orders. 

We deliver around Vancouver, and welcome order pick-up’s any day of the week.

Special Hours for November given baby hasn’t arrived:

Thanksgiving 11/24: 9am-2pm

(Grab last minute hostess gifts, floral arrangements, or the last of the succulent pumpkin arrangements!)

Friday 11/25 and Saturday 11/26: 11am-6pm

CLOSED: 12/2 and 12/3 (Expected Arrival Week of Baby)

Pumpkin Succulent Arrangements are available until Thanksgiving

Let our fabulous pumpkin arrangements adorn your table for Thanksgiving or any gathering. Nothing screams Fall more like a pumpkin and nothing screams perfect gift like a fancy pumpkin. 

We typically need two days turn around time for any pumpkin orders. Supply of pumpkins are becoming more limited, so please do not delay on ordering if you want one or many to give as gifts or to dress-up your table this year.

Note: We are out of stock on medium-sized pumpkins.

Let Suburban Succulents deck your halls this Christmas!

We’ve got the hook-up on Poinsettia’s- grown locally in Oregon. 

Various colors are available this year, however, we will be keeping a limited stock available in the shop and mainly ordering off your special orders.

Don’t know how many you’ll need? Reach out and we’ll help you figure it out. 


Orders do not need to be picked up/delivered when placed. Let us know when you’d like your plants and we will accommodate. Most times, clients wait until after Thanksgiving to begin staging their poinsettia’s.

We also have various-sized wreaths available this year! 

Send us an email to order for your home or business! More details are available if desired. 🙂


Holiday gifting with plants and non-living Items.


If you’ll recall last year, we made this great holiday guide for you all. In it we highlighted the spectacular local makers we work with at the shop… Well, we have run out of time to do that this year with our preparing for baby, but not to fear- we will still be a one-stop-shop for your locally-made gifting needs! 

We have lots of pots, candles, soaps, plant supplies, and other nifty-gifties available as of now and will be adding more in the next couple weeks. We won’t be restocking on any holiday items, so get them early.

We try our darnedest to keep our Doordash page up to date with new and exciting items that come into the shop, from seasonal floral arrangements to gift sets. We also have a small listing of locally made soaps and candles among other little add-ons.

Christmas items will be added right after Thanksgiving!

Need to send a gift to someone local or want something last minute for a hostess gift? We’ve got you covered. Delivery typically in an hour’s time!

We want to thank everyone in our Community for ALL the support we have received this year, whether it’s through your special orders, Doordash, coming into the shop, plant maintenance clients, or in general providing me support with the new baby. We are grateful to serve our community with your plant-y needs and lend a listening ear when your plants act-up. We are truly thankful for another successful year. Cheers to another great year of plant growing and surviving the ups and downs that inevitably will happen.  ~Adriane and Brett

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How’s it already the end of Summer 2022… Plant Shop Updates!

Big News for the Shop!

It’s been quite a while since our last blog post… Owners Adriane and Brett are expecting a baby girl to join the family in late November! With this, there will be some changes coming up with our shop hours and availability. Starting in October, we will no longer be open on Sundays- except by appointment- Brett and I want to ensure we have quality time to spend together before the arrival of our baby, and this change allows for us to do so.

In order to make the holiday gift-giving season feasible for us to handle with the arrival of our little one, we have been busy working on a well built-out menu of plants and goods on our website, as well as making Doordash, and Grubhub a place filled with awesome plant and non-plant goodies. We hope you’ll consider us this holiday season when looking for gifts for yourself, friends, and family near and far! 

September Plant Classes are Live!


Due to time constraints, we are at two locations only this month. If you’re interested in attending, be sure to sign-up early to ensure space in the classes as seats are limited!

Literary Leftovers in Battleground, WA: 9/14 anytime from 4-6pm

Pepper Bridge Winery/Amavi Cellars at The Vancouver Waterfront: 9/15 at 6:30pm.

Click here or on the photo above to sign-up for classes! 

Class Deets:

This month we are planting our own living desktop cactus gardens. These prickly displays look great on a desk or tabletop in a bright window, or really any spot that gets a lot of light. May we suggest west or south facing areas, or using grow lights to make these babe’s grow out their best life!?

What’s included: Our class includes a selection of 3 cacti, a ceramic dish to plant into, freshly made soil by Suburban Succulents, full instructions for caring for your new cactus display pieces, and a good time out at your favorite locations around Clark County! Come for the experience, stay for the fun and new plant memories.

Shop Closed September 8-11

We’ve been members of the Cascade Cactus and Succulent Society for nearly 4 years already! This year, I am volunteering to organize the sellers for their yearly fundraiser sale happening in a couple weeks. See below for all the information about the Odd Plant Sale.

I will be up in Seattle for most of the week of 9/5 in order to prep and welcome the sellers to the event. With that, we will be closed from 9/8-9/11. 

We resume normal shop hours on Thursday 9/15.

Seattle Cactus and Succulent Show- September 10+11

Want to hang out with a bunch of succulent and cactus enthusiasts and add some amazing plants to your collection? Head up to The Odd Plant Sale for this free event located at The Volunteer Park Conservatory in Seattle.

This event is a shared program with The Cascade Cactus and Succulent Society and The Friends of the Conservatory… both are holding sales, so there will be 1000’s of interesting plants to select from!

Lines are expected, so arrive early for best selection and less wait!
Volunteer Park Conservatory is located at:
1400 E Galer St, Seattle, WA 98112

We are so appreciative of this communities support of our growing small business so far! We thank each of you deeply for continuing to follow our dreams and coming through to either purchase houseplants or garden-fresh goods or just in general join us on our journey. 

Thank you for being here and watch for more updates coming soon!

~Adriane and Brett

Pictured left is the nearly 7 month baby bump!

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March 2022 Suburban Succulents Shop Updates

Shop Hours:

Open Saturdays and Sundays 11-5.

Come by and check out the shop updates and all the new plants in store. 

We are finally opening our doors, and soon gate, to you all again!

March 2022 Class Schedule

Moss Poles for Trailing and Vining Plants

March 16- Literary Leftovers: Workshop: Moss Poles for Trailing and Vining Plants

March 19-11-3pm Suburban Succulents: Workshop: Moss Poles for Trailing and Vining Plants

March 24-5:30-7:30pm Vancouver Brickhouse: Workshop: Moss Poles for Trailing and Vining Plants

March 26-11-3pm Suburban Succulents: Workshop: Moss Poles for Trailing and Vining Plants

Want to join in the the mossy mess? We’d love to see you at any of the locations above. Get your tickets in advance, although not required, by clicking on the moss poles picture or the headline above. 

Garden Veggie Starts

Coming Soon: Garden Starts, Herbs, and Perennial Plants!

Featured growers this year:

  • As Thyme Goes By
  • Suburban Succulents

Garden Farm Store set to open as soon as we have our first pea harvest! 

Want the veggies without the hassle of, or lack of space to grow them yourself? We got you! 

Watch out for our fresh produce line sheet to be sent out as frequently as we can. Expect the start to be mid-April. 

It’s that time again to start thinking of what garden starts you want for you and your family. We have started many types of plants, but want to hear from you! 

Get your starts from Suburban Succulents this year!

Expect lots of peas, beans, cucumber, squash, tomatoes, peppers, various herbs, and flowers!


We have eggs, eggs galore!

Get on our egg list for a bi-weekly delivery of our fresh, backyard raised chicken eggs. Eggs are $5.50/dozen. 

We will deliver eggs for free on Tuesday’s. 

Consider a reusable carton! 

Not certain about fresh eggs? Stop in, we will give you a few for free to try! Guaranteed you won’t want to go back to store-bought. 

Eggs, Chicks, and Hens!

Where To Find Us

Not only will you find our shop open on the weekends… but we have expanded our off-site plant locations. This makes it easy for you to pick up a quick gift for a friend or a neat new plant for yourself.

Check out all the places you can find a rotating selection of our plants and pots! 

Pop-Local Collective- Newly Opened!
111 Grant St, Vancouver, WA 98660
Ridgefield Craft Brewing
120 N 3rd Ave, Ridgefield, WA 98642
Arboretum Studios
401 W. 13th St., Vancouver, WA 98660
River Maiden Coffee Shop
5301 E Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98661
Self Balance Massage 
8301 NE Hazel Dell Ave, Vancouver, WA 98665
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December Gifting Specials and Shop Updates

This year, our gift box sets are quite possibly the easiest way to support many local makers while crossing off multiple people on your list. We’ve put together 3 gift box sets to select from, check the link in the profile or reach out to us here for more information!
We will wrap each item separately where we can… So gift them all to one, or one to all, they are ready for however you choose to give this holiday season.
Note: All gift boxes have a customizable portion; we will reach out with all the deets when you order.
Here’s all of the vendors in the gift boxes! Go give them a follow to see what else they are working on for the holidays.

Thank You All!

Quick note from Adriane:

Thank you all for hanging in there while we got our s#1t figured out with the automatic mailing of our blog. *Hopefully* after a year of not being able to figure out why we were sending you all to the wrong link, we have this nailed down! So, now, set back and enjoy the actual up-to-date monthly blog posts. 

Have requests? Want more from us? Need a supply that you can’t find? We will continue to bring unique items to the shop. Just wait until you see what we have in store for Spring!!

Custom Orders Still Welcomed

We have received requests for a handful of incredible custom projects this season. THANK YOU! Here are a couple. Left: Succulent Christmas Tree #1. Right: Eucalyptus Shower Bouquets

Yes, there is still time to do more projects before Christmas. Contact us to help make your plant gifting dreams happen.

Holiday Hours:

Shop hours through the end of December:

This week: 12/16-12/19

Thursday-Sunday 10am-6pm

Next week: Christmas Week 12/21-12/26

Monday: INSTAGRAM LIVE @7pm with @prettyearthjewelry

Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm + Sunday 10am-2pm

Last week of Dec: New Year Week 12/29-1/2

Wednesday-Sunday 12pm-6pm

Haven’t been in before?? Follow your maps directions to bring you to our residential location! There is plenty of street parking and room in the driveway. Pull in and come on in. Just WATCH YOUR STEP coming through the door.

Coming 2022... Workshops!

A version of the design you can create in January!

Interested in Designing your own Air Plant Terrarium or know someone who would? This is our January featured project of the month.

Gather your friends and family for a trip to Suburban Succulents!!  We are offering multiple sessions of this course all thru the month of January. 

So, come on over to our space, we provide all the supplies for the project. You just show up and bring your creativity along!

We are also looking into offering these classes at other business locations… know a location that may be interested? Please reach out and let us know right away. 

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Plants for Everyone this Winter!

We are taking orders for Poinsettia’s and Thanksgiving Cactus. Various colors and free delivery on orders over $39 to anywhere in Vancouver, WA and surrounding areas. 

Find us set up with lots of plants and holiday goodies. We will be bringing the plants you need to spruce up your space for the holidays. See you there! 4:30-8:30 each night.

Click the blue link above to pre-purchase your tickets!

Shop Hours through the end of 2021:

While we may have the occasional change in schedule, expect to find the shop open the following days/times:

Thursday: 11-6

Friday: 11-6 

Saturday: 11-5

Sunday: 11-5

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Fall-iday Updates @Suburban Succulents!

Visit us for yummy nummies this last week of #spookyseason!

We’re cooking up some yummies this week and will have a spread of coffee, tea, hot cocoa to keep you company while checking out all of the new products in the shop!


Thursday+Friday 12-6  Saturday+Sunday 12-4

Other Upcoming Events

Holiday Giving Guide goes Live November 7

Check out all of our featured artists and see what we have in store for you this holiday giving season. 

WEO Event @ Heathman Lodge- November 10

Interested in joining this spectacular women’s group? Stop by the event November 10 at The Heathman Lodge in Vancouver, WA. I’ll be there with lots of bulk plants and small arrangements.


Donate to enter our Raffle generously donated by Simply Sawdust.

Night Market Vancouver November 26+27

We will be set up at NMV for the two-day events through the holidays! Come say hello and support local artists this giving season.

Pumpkin Succulent Arrangements are still available!

Great for table decor or as a fancy way to dress-up your front entryway! These little-care needed succulent arrangements are just the cute you need!

You’ll tire of looking at your pumpkin before it goes bad! Just scoop the moss from the top and plant the entire arrangement into a pot with soil.

Contact us with questions!


Newest Artists in the Shop!

Join me in welcoming Taming Windigo, Plant Blessed Macrame, Britt Vasina, and Naty’s Candles!

We will be featuring each of these artists and their products on our Social Media in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

We are on the way to becoming a well-rounded gift and plant shop.

Quick Animal Update

Egg production from the Hens has dramatically decreased the last few weeks. We lost one of our best layers to a raccoon and at least 3 of the gals are molting. 

The hen pictured is Henneth Paltrow. She was getting her feet cleaned off after a big rainstorm in this picture.

Butte the rabbit is loving the cooler weather. We’ve begun to build her winter shelter space to keep her protected this winter but for now, she is LOVING her tunnel… which I bought for $4 at Retails Thrift Shop. 

See you all soon at the Shop!

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It’s lookin’ like Fall at Suburban Succulents

Are you preparing your plants for Fall yet?

Have you thought about your plant plan for the impending colder weather and shorter days? Time to clean, fertilize, move/cover/protect tender plants, & prune/trim for all the plants!

Stop in the shop and see what we are doing to prep for the rainy fall and cold winter months ahead. 

Need help with your winter plant preparations? We can help- we dig the dirty plant work! Your place or ours, count on Suburban Succulents to send your plants into Fall refreshed and ready to cozy up with you in the winter months.  

All of our Sting of Pearls will come inside at the sign of the first frost.


We are excited to welcome David of Alta Andina and his vegetable-tanned leather plant hangers to the Shop. Stop in to see them in person or shop on our website! We plan to bring more items in for the holidays, like valet trays, to add to our growing lineup of home goods. 

We know, it’s not the holiday times, yet… but we have started preparing. Watch out for our gifting guide hitting your inboxes this winter season!

Need multiple gifts that are $10. We got ’em!

Want to send something locally made? We have plant pots and non-living gifts made by many PNW artists.

We are always searching for new products to add to the shop!

Have a vendor in mind that may be a great fit for Suburban Succulents? Contact us right away! Check out the become a vendor page for more information.

Garden and Farm Updates:

Need eggs? We have fresh eggs available for $5 a dozen.

Meet the chickens:

The chicken in the photo is Egg the Stallion- she’s a dark Brahma. She loves to peck at my toes and all-around just likes to hang out with whoever is near her. She is one of the gals that lets me pick her up nearly every day… and *most of the time* she manages to not poop on me in the process! 🙂 

We have a surplus of cooking herbs, too! 

Want herbs for creating a fresh pasta sauce? Want to make some yummy herb flavored butter to use? How about some herbs for freezing to use later? We have Rosemary, Chives, Basil, Thyme, & Arugula all harvesting now!

If you’re interested in what we have available for sale from our front yard garden, please come by the shop to see the current selection.

With the change of the season’s we will be changing our hours of operations.

Find us open a few less hours per week, but still just as accessible for all your plant-y needs! Contact us should our hours not work with your schedule, we are happy to work with you.

We will be open Friday through Sunday 12-dark.

Still figuring out the rest of the weekdays and holiday schedule. Have suggestions? Let us know!

Adriane and Egg the Stallion posing for a selfie. lol.


Moss Poles for Aroid Plants

Pumpkin Succulent Arrangements

Dried Pampas Grass 


Wishing health to you and yours! 

Until next time, take care. 

~Adriane @SuburbanSucculents

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Welcome to Summer 2021 at Suburban Succulents!

So many new things are happening at Suburban Succulents… we are growing more plant varieties than ever before and have new products from local vendors.

  • We now sell a large variety of outdoor garden herbs great for cooking or tea making! The starts are by Vancouver local, As Thyme Goes By. 
  • We have fresh-cut herbs available for purchase.
  • The chickens are providing about 3 dozen extra eggs per week. These are available for sale now! $5 per dozen
  • We’ve welcomed a variety of new vendors! See below for more information.

Roaming This Earth

Krista is a go-getter, creating beautiful works of art with wood and cement. We currently sell her colored-cement plant pots, in a couple of shapes, around 8 colors and various sizes.  

Organics X Oddities

We offer only a small selection of what is offered from this Portland, OR-based plant-care treatment business. 

Ann Hanlin Art 

We love Ann’s style. We fell in love first with her love slug sets, yes, ceramic slugs. So cute. We come back for her unique pot shapes/designs as well as her awesome hanging plant cones. 

New vendors coming soon to the shop:

Jewelry Lush

Simply Sawdust

Suburban Succulents Shop Hours:

Wednesday: 12-4

Friday: 10-6

Saturday: 10-6

Sunday: 10-2

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our first winter at the new spot!

We’ve had weather in the low & high 40’s… who’s complaining about that?!

So far, there are no complaints about our first winter at the new house. We’ve seen ice, maybe thrice, and no snow, yet! Yeah, it has rained a lot, but I enjoy listening to the sound of it on the roof while I work. Between weather events, we have been able to get the yard and garden more prepared for the coming seasons and have even spotted the Sun a few times! Yipee! On the 5th we received a load of free wood chips to use for the yard and another on the 21st. The yard is now set for mulch for the year. If anyone needs woodchips, bring a shovel, bucket, and a way to get it gone! There is never a dull moment around here.

Our January Garden Update

What we are doing and you might consider too:

Although now is not the time to focus so much on what is growing in the ground, January is the best time to get your plans pulled together for your Spring, Summer, and even Fall gardens. Here’s what we are working through this month:

Create a seed wishlist and go through the backlog of all the seeds to test for viability.  We are gathering information as to how much we will use and how much we want to freeze. The public library has many food preservation books that I have been reading through… To sustain one’s family, you need so many bushels of food!

Plan crop rotations and succession plantings. Brett has created a detailed seed catalog that is used as a tool for planning successions and rotations. In some time maybe we will have our schedule fully automated and have simply a reminder of “hey, it’s time to plant x today”.

Pruning back dormant vines, fruit trees, and blueberry bushes. We placed new beds for our berries this year- now for the hard part- choosing a more permanent place to plant them then in a large portable pot.

Layering our dormant beds with compost and other soil amendments (did you see our tips about compost?). We are preparing our beds now to be productive growers in the early spring!

Fill mulched areas around the yard with another layer of mulch. Now is the time to get woodchips, especially in the PNW. We have had two loads of free chips dropped in the last 3 weeks. I want to simply sing the praises of and I am thankful for the free mulch, however, there is a slight issue with the contracted companies not following instructions on where to drop the chips in our yard- so simply beware of that.

There are plenty of other things you can do to prepare the garden at this time of year but nothing beats the time spent dreaming about what you will accomplish in the coming year. Let us know what you are adding to your garden to prepare for spring.

IMG_0540 (2)

Try this to build your compost!

Is your compost lacking body and decomposition? Our was.

We learned about a rapid-fire composting technique that involves Wood pellets (animal bedding) and Alfalfa pellets (animal feed) found at your local feed store. Soak the pellets overnight in water and add it to your compost tumbler, or pile, or heap, or whatever. The wood pellets act as the brown (carbon) where the alfalfa pellets act as the green (nitrogen) in your compost. The more alfalfa you add the faster your pile will heat up, adjust your ratios of either type of pellets depending on your compost.

The benefit of adding alfalfa to your compost in addition to your grass clippings and even coffee grounds is that alfalfa is also a slow-release fertilizer.

IMG_0541 (2)

What’s growing in the garden?

You can find us currently harvesting small amounts of the following:

  • Parsley
  • Kale
  • Broccoli & its leaves- our bunny loves!
  • Chard
  • Fava Beans
  • Carrots
  • HELLA garlic
  • Cabbage
  • Cover crop
  • Lettuce starts (inside the workshop)

Which brings us to…

It’s time to plan all the plantings!



Suburban Succulents Happenings

The shop is improving! Each week we try to make an upgrade. Last week we changed out the lighting in our storage space. Now that we are more confident with what is required, we are planning to upgrade the lights throughout the entire shop. We still have to get that pesky door changed out… For those of you who have visited the shop, you know the door I am talking about that is just sitting and blocking the back exit, currently. I can’t wait for the light that will come through that window!

We have finally been feeling the low 20s of winter and as a precaution, the greenhouse has been cleared of tender succulents. We are leaving a few select items in the greenhouse to see what happens mainly Haworthias, Gasterias, and some of our mother plants… we have lost a few soldiers so far, but slowly we are learning which plants can handle the outdoor greenhouse life in the PNW. It’s madness and we love it- I often remind myself that “We grow through what we go through” and next year won’t be this same way.


Animal Updates

Butte moved into a shed to keep her dry… She’s not necessarily happier there because she loved to dig in the dirt in the yard, however, she still gets to jump around the yard occasionally and she is staying a lot cleaner!

The Lil chicks are fully integrated with the other hens and are being weaned off their chick feed (we are really just trying to use through the bag that we last bought). It’s a pain in the ass to corral them into their own fenced area to eat their food nowadays. Little fact: Chickens that are laying should not eat medicated chick food as it’s not recommended to eat their eggs because of coccidiosis medication playing some part with the eggs… not medical advice, but we are working through it.

The other day we went to Orchard Feed to get chicken food and other composting pellets; we ended up ordering 7 chicks, four more than we intended to. We love our wide variety of chicken breeds. The unique egg colors & characteristics of each hen are absolutely fascinating! The pleasure that it brings me to watch them waddle around the yard- pure merriment!


Coming Spring 2021

We are excited about many Spring ventures—-

  • We look forward to offering plant starts, like tomatoes, peppers, & a variety of herbs come springtime! We are teaming with “As Thyme goes by” who we found by digging around Facebook to find out what happened to Thrifty Feed. As Thyme goes by has provided starts to the community for nearly 15 years. We look forward to being a place for fans to get their starts!
  • Expect lots of spring bulb planters to be available in the coming weeks. We will also have lots of outdoor pots, some empty and others with flowers, to liven up your home!
  • By June we should be able to offer cage-free, backyard-raised, well-loved chickens eggs! With our flock growing to nearly double the size in just a few weeks, our egg production should be locked into a steady number by May or June. Please let us know if you are interested in getting on our egg list!
  • Do you want chickens but do not want the work of the chick/pullet phase? Let us know, I’m happy to raise chicks for you and your family.
  • How about meat birds? If you want fresh chicken, let us know and we will chat about our meat bird plan.

IMG_0542 (2)