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March 2022 Suburban Succulents Shop Updates

Shop Hours:

Open Saturdays and Sundays 11-5.

Come by and check out the shop updates and all the new plants in store. 

We are finally opening our doors, and soon gate, to you all again!

March 2022 Class Schedule

Moss Poles for Trailing and Vining Plants

March 16- Literary Leftovers: Workshop: Moss Poles for Trailing and Vining Plants

March 19-11-3pm Suburban Succulents: Workshop: Moss Poles for Trailing and Vining Plants

March 24-5:30-7:30pm Vancouver Brickhouse: Workshop: Moss Poles for Trailing and Vining Plants

March 26-11-3pm Suburban Succulents: Workshop: Moss Poles for Trailing and Vining Plants

Want to join in the the mossy mess? We’d love to see you at any of the locations above. Get your tickets in advance, although not required, by clicking on the moss poles picture or the headline above. 

Garden Veggie Starts

Coming Soon: Garden Starts, Herbs, and Perennial Plants!

Featured growers this year:

  • As Thyme Goes By
  • Suburban Succulents

Garden Farm Store set to open as soon as we have our first pea harvest! 

Want the veggies without the hassle of, or lack of space to grow them yourself? We got you! 

Watch out for our fresh produce line sheet to be sent out as frequently as we can. Expect the start to be mid-April. 

It’s that time again to start thinking of what garden starts you want for you and your family. We have started many types of plants, but want to hear from you! 

Get your starts from Suburban Succulents this year!

Expect lots of peas, beans, cucumber, squash, tomatoes, peppers, various herbs, and flowers!


We have eggs, eggs galore!

Get on our egg list for a bi-weekly delivery of our fresh, backyard raised chicken eggs. Eggs are $5.50/dozen. 

We will deliver eggs for free on Tuesday’s. 

Consider a reusable carton! 

Not certain about fresh eggs? Stop in, we will give you a few for free to try! Guaranteed you won’t want to go back to store-bought. 

Eggs, Chicks, and Hens!

Where To Find Us

Not only will you find our shop open on the weekends… but we have expanded our off-site plant locations. This makes it easy for you to pick up a quick gift for a friend or a neat new plant for yourself.

Check out all the places you can find a rotating selection of our plants and pots! 

Pop-Local Collective- Newly Opened!
111 Grant St, Vancouver, WA 98660
Ridgefield Craft Brewing
120 N 3rd Ave, Ridgefield, WA 98642
Arboretum Studios
401 W. 13th St., Vancouver, WA 98660
River Maiden Coffee Shop
5301 E Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98661
Self Balance Massage 
8301 NE Hazel Dell Ave, Vancouver, WA 98665
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Welcoming January with changes to the Shop!

Shop Updates:

We are doing some upgrades to the shop during the middle of January! We thank you all for your support in helping to make this a reality.  

Coming soon: A safe and ADA-accessible entryway, better lighting around the shop, and for Spring, a new outdoor shopping area… and so much more, but we don’t want to spoil it!

With this closure, we bring you...... A SALE!

We have to clear out what’s in the shop to make way for what’s new.

Come by this weekend to enjoy a cool 



**Sale offered January 6-9, 2022 in store only!**


Shop Hours for January 2022

Suburban Succulents Shop hours by date for January ’22:

January 6-8 Thursday-Saturday 11am-5pm SALE!

Jan 9-Sunday 11am-2pm SALE!

Jan 27-30 Thursday-Sunday 11am-5pm Soft Reopening for Valentines Day

*We will keep our socials and online hours updated, too*

Tickets Now Available for Plant Workshops

Plant workshops are a go! 

Join us for Plant Night!

Excited to announce that we have 6 locations around Clark County, including our own place, that our workshops will be hosted at in January.  We even have a few more locations to add for February!

This means we are bringing a fun plant experience to a local favorite spot near you! 

Tickets are available on our website. You can always contact us to get more information too. 

Click the picture of the schedule of classes and you will be directed to January’s class tickets. 

Our first workshop takes place this Friday night at The Difference Clothing Boutique in Downtown Vancouver!

Want to join in? We will have a few terrariums available at the door, but please plan ahead and purchase a ticket in advance so I know how many people to prepare for. 

Chicken Planning for 2022

We are looking at what number of little chicks we will be raising this year… With that, we are gauging interest in what we should be offering you all… Anyone looking to add chickens to their life, but don’t want to raise them through the chick age? Want a steady supply of eggs? Looking for chicken to stock in your freezer? Let us know how we can help your family!  

We thank you all for your continued support of our plant-y mission! Making plants accessible to all who want to learn.

We look forward to seeing you at the shop sale this weekend! It’s starting to empty out in the store… come gather-up what ever items you’ve had your eyes on.

Until next time,


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Are you ready to fall back?

And just like that, we are a month into Fall 2020. I was just informed that we are expecting our first below-freezing night next week. AH! Time to stop watering and start to monitor closely those tender succulents and cactus, Folks! It’s been a while since the last post, so read on to find out where Suburban Succulents is now.

New Greenhouse!
Slowly filling the new greenhouse

October 2020 is going to mark an important milestone for Suburban Succulents in the coming years- It’s the month I took a giant leap; put my notice in at my full-time, stable-income job to focus my efforts fully on Suburban Succulents. It has been many hours of work to prepare mentally and physically to get our shop space ready to invite customers into- and we are almost there! We even have regular open hours on the weekends.

Now that I have gained 50 hours in my week, I’ve been able to get to more on my Trello to-do lists done… the lists are actually getting checked off instead of only adding to! Currently, the plants are flourishing and our collection is growing like crazy. We are working with several local artists to offer unique gifts as well! I’ll post their information on a vendor page on our website soon. My concept of running a plant & gift shop is coming to life and it feels like the perfect time.

Cactus seeds have been started in the workshop, succulents have been propagated in the nursery, houseplant starts are growing too, plans are being made to keep the greenhouse warm this winter, the chickens are now laying eggs, and the ground of the trash piles that we inherited at the house is in sight- almost 10 months later, we have made tremendous progress!!

With winter hanging its cold head over us- we are getting serious about our winterizing plans for this year. Every other year we’ve lived in WA State we have suffered a loss of some inventory due to freezing. I am trying everything (bar bringing every single plant inside) to keep all succulents & cactus alive this year. I have read about using bubble wrap- I think I have enough in storage to wrap the entire greenhouse- if it comes to it, so be it!! 🙂 We have completed our last watering and will only spot water the hardy cacti and succulents from now until Spring.

Adriane & Chickens
Adriane feeding some of the chickens an ear of corn we grew!

I am absolutely loving the chickens. In my opinion, they are the best “back-yard pet” ever. They provide us amazing eggs and they are cute as all get out- if we had less space though, I am sure I’d feel differently- dodging all the shit piles is a challenge but certainly keeps life interesting!

We are raising another three chicks that will be added to the rest of the flock in another 2 months or so- currently, they are living in the workshop under their heat lamp and seem overly excited to get out of there. It’s too soon, ladies!! 😉 I take them outside occasionally to see their sister-hens from a distance. I think it is important to introduce new animals to the rest of the family as soon as possible- we don’t need any problems when the time comes to integrate the different age groups.

The front yard garden is still producing fall crops- small bits of broccoli, carrots, and radish with overwhelming amounts of kale and chard. Fava beans are coming in and our cover crops are taking over. We’ve planted 3 different kinds of garlic for next year. Amazingly to me, the wildflower bed is still flowering- my diligent deadheading has indeed helped. Brett and I are even working on an extensive seed catalog for next year to bring to you all!

in the garden
Fall garden bed

That’s all for now from our garden- even though there is so much more to share! Comment below any questions or maybe ideas of ways to keep the greenhouse warm, or anything else you’d like. Happy Fall and hope to see you in the shop soon!