Thanksgiving + Christmas Cactus- Schlumbergera


We’re selling locally grown Schlumbergera plants, also well known as Christmas or Thanksgiving Cactus, perfect to decorate your front yard- don’t let it freeze, adorn a table or mantle, or set in a window at your place this holiday season. Avoid growing your plant in a drafty area where the heater may over dry the plant, do not over water as this may cause bug issues. To induce blooms the plant must be kept cool and have periods of short days where they receive very little light. Want to learn more? Contact us.

We often times hear stories of these plants being gifted plants, passed down from generation to generation, cutting by cutting. Start your own tradition this year!

Check out the wide variety of flower colors we offer. Available in 2′, 4″, + 6″ pots while supplies last.


So… here’s the down low on the difference between the Thanksgiving Cactus + Christmas Cactus::

It all comes down to the leaf shape, turns out what I have been calling christmas cactus are not actually after all these years. Thanksgiving cactus have the sharp edges on their leaves whereas the christmas cactus has a more soft, rounded shape.  In stores we are more often seeing thanksgiving cactus. I am certain I will be looking at every holiday cactus I walk past now to determine its variety!

An Easter Cactus? Well, that’s a whole different plant… The Hatiora gaertneri is a completely different species of plant and has a different flower and all together leaf shape.

Interesting, huh!?!

Want more information than you asked for?? Read here for more information and also some bomb ass care tips for the longevity of your flowering cacti- no matter what type it is! 

Here is another great resource to learn more. 

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 8 in

orange, Pink, Red

Pot Size

2", 4", 6"


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