Interior Plant Care Service

Home, Office, or Business Plant Maintenance Service

Transform your space into a thriving oasis with our Interior Plant Maintenance Services. We specialize in scheduled maintenance for plants in workplaces and homes, ensuring your green companions stay healthy, vibrant, and add a touch of nature to your environment.

With 15 years of combined plant-care knowledge, you can trust Suburban Succulents to design and maintain your interior plants.

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We "dig" the care and keeping of all the plants.

  • Leaf Cleaning and Pot Maintenance: Our expert team takes care of every detail. We meticulously clean plant leaves and pots, ensuring a dust-free and polished appearance for your indoor plants.

  • Fertilization/Pest Control: Give your plants the nutrition they need to flourish. Our scheduled fertilization services provide the essential nutrients that promote growth and vitality.

  • Trimming and Pruning: Maintain the optimal shape and size of your plants. Our skilled professionals trim back overgrown branches and prune as needed to keep your plants looking their best.

  • General Appearance Upkeep: We understand the importance of a well-maintained plant aesthetic. Our team focuses on the overall appearance of your plants, ensuring they contribute positively to your space.

  • Healthier Plants: Regular maintenance promotes the health and well-being of your plants, reducing the risk of pests and diseases.

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Enjoy the beauty of lush, well-maintained plants that enhance the visual appeal of your workplace or home.

  • Increased Productivity: Studies show that the presence of indoor plants can improve concentration, reduce stress, and boost overall productivity.

  • Expertise: Our team consists of experienced plant care professionals with a passion for creating thriving indoor environments.

  • Tailored Schedules: Customize a maintenance schedule that fits the needs of your workplace or home. We offer flexible options to accommodate your preferences.

  • Peace of Mind: With our scheduled maintenance services, you can relax knowing that your plants are in capable hands, receiving the care they deserve.

  1. Consultation: Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your plant maintenance needs. We’ll assess your space and provide recommendations based on your requirements.

  2. Customized Maintenance Plan: Together, we’ll create a personalized maintenance plan that suits your schedule and ensures the ongoing health and beauty of your plants.

  3. Scheduled Visits: Our team will conduct scheduled visits to your location, providing the necessary care to keep your plants thriving.

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