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Suburban Succulents Story

I realized we have been so busy talking about and creating our brand, we forgot to tell you a bit about ourselves! We realized that we would never be able to afford a reasonable space to buy in the Bay Area of California while not living above our means. We moved to the Pacific Northwest in early 2018 to get the hell away from the hustle & bustle we experienced in California. Boy, are we glad we did because we are loving the Pacific Northwest lifestyle!

Founders and Lovers of all things Succulents. 
We have now lived and raised gardens at 4 different homes together in various parts of California and Washington. 

How it all began…

Simply put- It started with one succulent arrangement my mom gave me quite a few years ago that we have just let grow in its pot, not really doing much to care for it, its a succulent right? When I began working with Orchids, I became more interested in succulents. Brett and I got a couple of our own succulents from OSH (:'( bye OSH) or a big store like that and we started our own succulent garden. While all of this was going on, we were renovating a backyard space at our rental home and soon became infatuated with growing veggies and flowers. Thankfully, I started to work for a plant maintenance company getting cuttings from the many succulent displays that had to be cleaned up– this is where the collection took off and has grown to the operation we have today.

Finished Renovated Garden in San Jose, California

 Another driving force behind this endeavor is our difficulty with accepting a boss other than ourselves, so with Adriane’s well-rounded business management and administrative expertise and Brett’s fingers producing magic on the computer we are able to share these parts of our life with you and thus Suburban Succulents was born. 

Please join us on this adventure and be sure to check back soon for more succulent fun!

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