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We are prepping for Fall/Winter

While it’s not quite September yet, we find ourselves rushing to get ready for cold weather– reality check, it has been in the high 80’s here every day… and hot at night… but I feel the days getting shorter and know that the succulents are probably going to freeze this winter if I leave them outside. Brett and I are going to experiment this winter with what varieties can survive outside, but the rest are going to start to acclimate inside the house soon– so that means many things- change out the soil- cut back the plant if it is getting leggy, fertilize, and kill any bugs or spiders hanging out on the plants. I am sure I’m forgetting some steps, but you get it, prepping for cold weather is no joke… This will be the first time in my life, well, since 6 years old, that I have endured a winter– California and Arizona did not produce snow or much if any, rain. I am feeling a HUGE learning curve is going to take place in regards to watering amounts as well as freezing conditions. I am excited to see what we learn and can pass on!

blooming succulent

Anyone out there familiar with growing plants in a colder climate during the winter? Be sure to let us know your experiences or want to know how we are doing a specific task.

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