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Winter prep in the PNW continues…

AH! The cold nights and dreary/rainy days have arrived– the sprinklers went off this morning and I freaked out at the thought of too much of a chill hitting our little succies. (They are all ok!) Today involved a lot of plant moving in order to find warm, relatively dry spots for them to continue to grow until the new greenhouse build is complete.

To top it all off, with this wetter weather, the grey slugs are out full force. We are keeping them at bay with our natural methods, with the emphasis on keeping them at bay. There are no methods to completely eradicate slugs from your plants only killing as many as you can to hinder the population growth.

Here in the wet PNW, these slugs can get massive. The gray leopard slug in the photo below can grow to be 8″ long! This one here was probably closer to 4 and gross enough for my liking. 

gray leopard slug enjoying our pumpkin plants
Leopard slug on the loose! We left his smashed carcass for his brethren to know their fate if they enter…

Did you know? Grey slugs should never be touched with bare hands– they can carry a nematode that can cause meningitis. Definitely avoid touching bare handed and always wear gloves!! 

I have started to rig our current greenhouse to utilize more of the upward and inside middle spaces- it is very difficult to maneuver in there but as long as you walk straight in and reverse yourself out, it works out…kinda. I have faced a couple of tray casualties, the obscenities were shouted and mess cleaned up, but what else can I do… Can’t wait for the new greenhouse to see how much more room we will have to work with.

greenhouse DIY design
Suburban Succulents new greenhouse plans!

The greenhouse plans have been created and we are keeping the structure basic which serves our purposes just fine! Above is a rough sketch that Brett put together for us. We are hoping to utilize as much upward space as we can. The best part of making your own greenhouse is the customization options. We will keep you updated with the progress and share what worked and didn’t once the project is complete.

Have any of our succ-scribers built a greenhouse themselves? Let us know in the comments. See ya next time!

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