9″ Living Succulent Hanging Picture Frame


We have completely hand-crafted these one-of-a-kind plant-box frames from cedar and filled them with succulents we’ve grown in our greenhouse.

Care: Your succulent frame needs to be kept flat for the first 3 weeks after receiving it to allow for the roots to completely develop in the box’s soil. Keep in a bright, indirect light area that stays between 50-85 degrees.

Water thoroughly when the box feels light weight or the soil is dry. You will get the feel for what your frame feels like with water and without. When you water, take the frame down from wherever it is hung up. Let to sit flat until any extra water drains from the back.

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Not interested in attending one of our create your own living frame workshops?? We got you- get a frame already made. No mess, no fuss, just beautiful plants to decorate your space.

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