Cork Bark Mounted Staghorn Fern


We’ve done the work of getting the plant mounted and wrapped in moss onto the cork bark board. Now you just have to care for the little guy and watch him grow into a HUGE fern… in time. 🙂

Easy to care for: do not place in direct sun as it will burn the leaves, keep in a humid place with plenty of bright filtered light. To water- the care is much like that of an air plant. Soak the entire board in water once per week, let dry out before hanging back on your wall. Mist in between as needed to ensure that the fern doesn’t get too dry.

Want more information that will blow your mind? Check out this article about Stags being eusocial plants. 

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We love mounted plants- Ferns, Air Plants, Orchids of many types… Part of Adriane’s first plant job was packaging cork mount kits for sale on eBay/amazon. From then until now, the excitement to hang a piece of wood on the wall of our spaces has not changed. Join the club and liven up your walls with this relatively easy to care for Staghorn Fern.


Additional information

Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 5 in


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