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xerographica arrangementXerographica
xerographica arrangement

Tillandsia Xerographica


Xerographicas grow great in the PNW, given you provide them the right conditions! We currently grow our Tillandsias’ indoors in a north-facing window area where we can control the temperature to keep the growing space around 60-70 degrees F. We do not suggest growing air plants outdoors when we are experiencing freezing temperatures, however, they can be grown outdoors in the spring and summer! Give this unique air plant a try and experience the beauty and ease this plant will bring to your life.

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Xerographicas are easy to care for; just give them a soak in water each week for about 1 hour and they will continuously bring the benefits of clean air and beauty to your space. Xerographicas can be a stunning statement piece in any bright space, they need no soil to grow, so they truly can be put anywhere. They can be hung from walls or set on tables- the possibilities are endless with this easy to care for air plant. The Xerographica looks great on its own or with a stack of smaller air plants alongside.

The Tillandsia Xerographica is native to Mexico and Central America and is one of the few varieties that enjoy both direct and indirect sunlight. The characteristic curly leaves of the Xerographica grow from the center of the plant out and spiral into themselves.

The large size is approximately 8″ wide however the crown of the plant is half as wide- making it fit into pots/saucers as small as 4″ wide.



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