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First Market and Colder Temperatures

We had a blast at our first Vancouver Night Market, the location of our booth placed us right next to the entertainment. The balloon man was fantastic, his wonderful sense of humor was appropriate for everyone and his balloon modeling skills are top notch. The back end of the night we were serenaded with beautiful guitar music and was if Brett and I were treated to a private date night; given all of our hard work up to that point, the fun and entertainment were welcomed. 🙂

Wrap up of first market and lessons learned :

  •  Made contact with a couple of local businesses who are willing to collaborate and make some more local introductions for some of our business’ next moves. Yay local business owners being so receptive to new faces. 
  • We observed that larger arrangements are not as practical for the craft fair as we originally thought, smaller items less than $15 seems to be the sweet spot.
  • Our display setup to draw more people into the booth proved to be too against the grain of the standard table vendor set-up. This was both a good thing and bad thing as we had many varieties of merchandising, probably too much.
  • Earnings from the market were less than the entrance fee.
  • Our raffle was a hit and the winner was very excited to receive the heel display!
Freeze tolerant sedums and sempervivums

We are getting even lower temperatures as November brings up glimpses of Jack Frost to our region. Don’t worry though we have evacuated the open spaces of all succulents and tender plants except for a select few plants that we are going to experiment with leaving outside, such as sedums and sempervivums rated for freezing temperature pictured above. The majority of the plants will be in our newest greenhouse structure or in the garage under the T5 getting plump for next market.

Greenhouse is Kale-ing it!

We are so happy with the new greenhouse, as previously mentioned, it is been getting a bit colder these days with temperatures dropping below freezing. We took some time today to rearrange some of the trays and have a general check-up of the plants and we were impressed. Outside of the condensation forming on the greenhouse roof, the plants are staying dry and even a bit warm. It will be tough to leave our babies for Thanksgiving this year but we are feeling better about it considering the look of things in the greenhouse.

Half of the garage has been dedicated to plant and market services, either as grow space inside from the freezing temperatures or as a setup area for our market display ideas. Looking forward to the next Vancouver Night Market on December 7th 2018 and we have some new and improved ideas in the works! 😉 Stay tuned and be sure to look out for us at the next market or around town in Vancouver!

2 inch pots arranged under light
lithops growing a new body
Lithops growing a new body! First one yet!
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