Hoya Varieties- Wax Plant


Oh Hoya! These unique and easy to grow plants bring beauty all around to any space, whether they are flowering or not. Provide your Hoya bright indirect light and let the soil dry out only slightly in between waterings and you will have a plant that will grow proliferous for years to come.

Hoya’s can handle a bit of direct sunlight, but be cautious to not burn the leaves by placing in HOT direct sunlight. 🙂


Hoya’s are beautiful, hardy plants that do well in brightly lit locations indoors. Provide them with sting or trellis options for them to climb and they will take over an area! With that, they are easy to grow, let the soil dry slightly between waterings, and give a thorough drink of freshwater every 7-10 days, make sure to keep soil lightly moist during spring and summer months. Fertilize your hoya’s monthly for best results.

We have a constantly rotating supply of houseplants that are coming through our shop… have a specific variety you’re in search of? Contact us or test fate and stop by the shop to see what we have available! 

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in

Carnosa, Carnosa "Krimson Queen", Carnosa "Compacta", kerrii, obovata, wayetti, krinkle


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