Suburban Succulents

For the Shared Love to Support Local Community and Plants!

Kaia Art

Meet Kaia Candelaria:

Kaia is a cosmetic & body tattoo artist at Arboretum Studios in Vancouver Washington. Kaia spent hours creating the mosaic floor design in the shop with us. In the future, expect to see more art from Kaia available at Suburban Succulents. Contact her at or on Instagram to see her work.

Nina King Pottery

Meet Nina King:

Nina is a Vancouver, WA artist & potter who makes small-batch, custom hand-made, and functional ceramic art. We have a growing selection of pots created by Nina that are great for succulents, cactus, or houseplants. Nina also offers many practical and beautiful products that we don't have in the shop, yet! Check out her Instagram to see!

Pretty Earth Jewelry

Meet Katy:

She uses natural stones mixed with metal, wood, and tassels to create a one of a kind piece to speak to your personal style. Katy worked with us to create one-of-a-kind plant jewels to liven up your plants and pots because we all, even our plants, deserve some sparkle & shine.

Sojo Leather Co

Meet Kav:

Kav is an amazing leather smith and artist.  We've collaborated with Kav to offer functional leather plant hangers and driftwood air plant hangers. Her products are beautiful and unique; the leatherbound journals she creates are not only built to last but filled with high-quality paper.

Sunspot Emporium

Meet Janice:

Janice is a bad-ass lady who laser prints onto basically anything; shes located in Vancouver, WA. She has worked with us to design and bring to life many items; from our first Suburban Succulents sign, to price and plant signs, and even custom plant tags. Check her out for useful and awesome goodies on her website or Instagram.

Tahngerine Dream Farm

Meet Tahnee:

Tahnee has a beautiful and growing farm in Castle Rock, WA. We work with Tahnee to get a portion of her seasonal produce sold. So, if you are looking for fresh, top-notch produce, contact us for an availability list and to choose a pick-up date.

Mindset by Amy

Meet Amy Hitsman:

A Mom of 4, Growth Mindset Consultant, Realtor and Math Educator located in Vancouver, WA. Amy started simply as our real estate agent who we now hike with, discuss gardening and life with, and generally grow our minds with. Looking for someone to put some pep in your step, contact Amy!

Are you a PNW artist looking for a place to vend your plant-related products? Check out this page.