Hanging Eggshell Basket Stand by Wood & Soil


Made out of birch wood just like our original basket so all the stains on the original basket will be the same effect. The first several pictures are in our light “golden oak” stain and the last two pictures are the medium “cherry” stain and the very last picture is the dark “espresso” stain.
About 22” tall, 16” at its widest. The cord adds an extra 12” to length. The plant base is 6” wide, I’ve placed both 6” and 8” nursery pots on there and both have fit just fine.
To help with shipping costs assembly will be required. Screws will be provided.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!
We have a video for directions on how to assemble your basket when it arrives. https://youtu.be/GtxwIipTwGw


We’ve partnered with Wood and Soil to show off the unique, handmade with love plant baskets & stands created by Kelly and her husband Casey. You are welcome to come into the shop to pick-up from our limited selection of Wood and Soil products. You can also shop their Etsy page to see all that Kelly and Casey offer. This brand is so cool, they make everything to order so that you can customize your stain color! 

We look forward to all the new products that these two come up with in the future.


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