Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


We created a Valentine’s Day look book of unique items to please your plant-y Valentine this year.

Some items are unable to be purchased online, that means there are probably too few of the item in stock to show it’s available or they have already sold out. Contact us with any questions, requests, issues, anything!

Want to read the look book? Click here!


A collaboration of plants, pots, and homewares to please your Valentine this year. A “First Look” Book, if you will. 

We’ve come up with a few different styles of gift sets, some cute plant and pot combo’s, and sourced amazing items like honey and candles to up your Love Day gifting this year. Convenient gifting, all in one spot.

All purchases come with a “Happy Valentine’s Day” note card and care instructions for whatever type of plant you’ve ordered.

Our intention with purchases is for you to select local pickup. If you purchase any items, we will reach out to set-up pick-up or delivery of your items before Valentine’s Day.

We don’t really care to ship any of these products… but will if you really want us to! We’ve tried our best to approximate weights, but since we aren’t planning to ship many items, we have used an arbitrary number for the shipping weight of some products making it an unreasonable amount to ship- our effort to dissuade you from shipping these items. We haven’t found a work-around for a no-shipping option on our products (it’s on the list of issues to resolve!)

Want to read the look book? Click here!

Orders through this webpage can be guaranteed only by 2/13. All items are live on DoorDash starting 2/7- Order on DoorDash any day and schedule delivery for the date of your choosing. If an item is out of stock and you want that- reach out and we can find the best alternative.

Thank you for looking!


Additional information

Weight 200 oz
Valentine's Gifts

Flower Bouquet, Roses, Bee's Knee's, Sugar+Spice, Succulents in Heart-Shaped Pot, Glad I Pricked You, Nice Plants Pot, Hoya Kerri Leaf in Pot, Heart Pot w. Tillandsia, Glass Globe w. Tillandsia, Rear-View Mirror Macrame w. Pot + Tillandsia, Wiggly Jiggly 3" Strawberry, Wiggly Jiggly 4" Coconut, Rock Goddess Candles 7.5oz, Camas Honey Bee Co Honey 17oz, Crystal Mushees


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