Spider Plant


Spider Plants are edible– that means they are safe around kids and pets! They also do a great job purifying the air in your space- release oxygen and absorb carbon monoxide and other toxins. With the Chlorophytum comosun’s easy-care and forgiving nature, you are sure to be happy having a spider plant in your life.

Place in bright indirect light to partial shade. Keep soil drier in darker growing areas as to not rot the plant. In general, your spider plant will want water 1 time per week.

Spider Plants do well outside from Spring to early Fall. Be sure to not place in direct sunlight and your plant will thrive. Watch for all the offsets, or “babies” that will be produced. If you wait long enough on each bloom stem, you can even collect seeds from your spider plants- look for a 4-sided, heart-shaped pod to form.


Care instructions: In general and as with most houseplants, check the soil moisture level of your spider plant once per week. If the plants’ leaves start to go limp, that is an indication it needs water more frequently and probably isn’t getting enough humidity.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 8 in
Pot Size

2", 4", 6"


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