Heartleaf Philodendron- Vining Types


Looking for those beautiful vining plants you see all over the internet? Try your hand with vining philodendrons, these beauties can vine up to 10 feet when left to grow! Philodendrons are easy to grow in most spaces throughout your home or office, so even the indirectly lit corner of the room will do just fine- the more bright indirect light and humidity the plant is exposed to, the larger the leaves will grow. Expect to water your philodendron each week in Spring/Summer and possibly less in the winter- test your soil moisture level to see if you need to water your plant.

Caution! This plant is toxic to pets!


We love the heart-shaped leaves of vining philodendrons. A prolific and easy to grow trailing houseplant that thrives in various indirect light and humidity levels. Easy to care for, water on a routine basis, do not keep the soil soaking wet. Philodendrons like bright indirect light, however, they can handle mid-low light situations be sure to watch for overwatering in these situations. Fertilize monthly. 

Warning! This plant is harmful if ingested!

From time to time we have various types and sizes of Philodendrons to offer in the shop, however, you’ll have to stop by or contact us for availability

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 3 in

Brasil, Lemon-Lime, Green


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