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growth aromatherapy
growth aromatherapy

GROWTH-Essential Oil Blend


We all have heard that essential oils are said to bring positive effects to humans & pets- now try using oils with your plants and see their transformation too!

We have a 5ml spray bottle of Growth blend aromatherapy essential oils available for you! This oil can be used on humans or plants. Spray in the air, on your wrists, on your plants, or into a diffuser- any way you use it, you will feel the positive benefits.

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This home-mixed essential oil blend boasts a flavor profile that includes: Orange, Peppermint, Lemongrass, & Lavender. The oils are diluted with a base oil of Organic Jojoba Oil. Gentle on skin and plants- apply daily to achieve a step toward your growth!

This blend was made with the intention of the use of deterring pests on our indoor plants, it happens to smell amazing and is safe for skin, so started using it for ourselves too. Give it a try today and see what we are talking about for yourself!

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