Fuzzy Wizettes by Taming Windigo


Reduce your impact and use of toilet paper with this extraordinary product.

Use to wipe after number 1. Go ahead, use that tree for number 2.

Taming Windigo is helping break the stigma of washable and reusable goods for home use. We are 100% onboard. Want to learn more about reducing your impact on our environment? Check out the Taming Windigo website. 

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Adriane’s Testimonial::

I fricken LOVE my wizettes. I often times get irritated when wiping my lady parts with a tree from Costco… from the first use of my fuzzy wizettes, I’m sold. I made space for their compact footprint right on top of my toilet, easy to throw in the washing machine and unlike towels, you don’t have to even fold them! The 20-pack comes with a drawstring bag and a hook to hang said bag with your soiled fuzzies. Makes me glad to know that Therese thought of all the details for us to use this product!

Taming Windigo is working on an entire line-up of eco-friendly goods. To learn more and shop the other products we do not have in-store yet, check out the Taming Windigo website.


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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 5 in


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