Suburban Succulents
August 18, 2018

Our Gardeners

The Wormies

We have been avid vermicomposters for the past 5 years mainly in the production of worm castings using the famous Red Wriggler worm and standard composting tumblers to provide nutrient-rich compost substrate which provides excellent humus to the soil for all of our plants including our beloved succulents. Our method to house the Wrigglers is called a Worm Factory 360 and is akin to a vermicomposting high-rise tower. As you provide more food and bedding to the trays the worm population grows and occupies the available floors or “apartments” you provide to them. We use a combination of blended paper goods and coco coir as well as their blended food. Worms also require some form of grit for their gizzards to help digest, crushed eggshell works great for this. There are now many generations of worms working in our tower and it’s always a good feeling to see the population and, in turn, our production of castings grow. Get your own worm castings here.

The Bun

Butte is our adopted bunny that we have had basically since the beginning of Adriane becoming apart of the family. She has had many different living situations with the different homes we have lived in, but she has hit the jackpot at this house- she gets fresh grass and to socialize with the chicks. It’s entertaining for us hoomans to say the least. The hidden gem about rabbits is their droppings– or bunny gold– this stuff is perfect for fertilizing gardens!

The Chicks

Suburban Succulents has 17 hens running amuck in the gated backyard. They seem to love their lives of frolicking under the trees and woodpiles, poking through the grass and mulched areas, and mostly, conquering the giant compost pile to find whatever grub may be unlucky enough to find itself there. We appreciate the never-ending supply of eggs and manure in return from the gals.

The Hoomans

More to come on Brett & Adriane in the future.