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Although we specialize in selling live Succulents, Cacti & Houseplants, we also offer plant care services! Do you need a spruce up of your plants in your business or home? We would love to set-up a consultation to get your plants on their way to being happy & healthy again. Contact us today!

We have new items in the shop! We are continually creating display pieces and searching for quality products to offer you.

Suburban Succulents is proud to present workshops and succulent-themed parties in Vancouver, Washington. We can create custom pieces for the home or office and offer plant maintenance for your work or home. Check out our maintenance & events pages for more information.

In The Garden- Our Blog

We specialize in Succulents & Cacti, but our interests span much further.

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Succulent Coffee Cups @ River Maiden Coffee Shop

Resources and Care Guides

Are your plants suffering from too much water? Too little water? Are there some pests messing everything up? Check here for our guides to get answers to these questions and more! 

We are continually adding new material- lookout for our next release ‘The Succu-pedia’  a complete guide to the many varieties of succulents.

We hope this page gets your growing interest started. All that’s left now is to stop by the shop to get you growing your own succulents.

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